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Autobiography of some the Lalejini Potters

                                                                                                                                                      Autobiography of Some of the Prominent Potters of Lalejin

  Asgar Ali Asgari

My name is Asgar Ali Asgari and I was born in Lalejin in 1929. I am 87 years old and have 5 sons. I started working in the earthenware factories at the age of 6 in Lalejin. One of them was martyred during imposed war between our country and Iraq and my oldest son is working with me in the factory. As my factory is one of the oldest in Lalejin, the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Office of Hamadan recognized it as an old remain and registered it in the National Works of Iran with the number of 9673.

My works mainly concentrate on producing big crocks, use for food preservation, and big vases and by now many famous people including actors have visited my factory and I had several interviews with The Islamic Republic Broadcasting Organization and some other documentary makers. I love my job and I ask God to give me power and keep me in shape for it to the end of my life.

Yahya Minaee

My name is Yahya Minaee. I started learning pottery long ago from some experienced and skilful masters like Sadeq, Moharam Ali, and Seyyed Baqer and I learnt how to make different ceramics and potteries.

I started working in Hamadan in 1957 that was painting on different ceramics and glasses and by now I have trained around 33 young people in this province and I was given 96 citations for my works.

I hope the Heritage Office would financially support me enlarging my factory so that I can transfer this art which is the result of 62 years of experience to the younger generation.

Morteza Minaee Jalil

My name is Morteza Minaee Jalil and I was born in 1943 in Lalejin. I loved painting and pottery from my childhood and it was from those days that I started to learn pottery and painting from two great masters named Islamian and Hamidi. I used to work in the daytimes and study at nights and by now I have participated in around 40 handicrafts exhibitions.

Ali Mohammadi

I am Ali Mohammadi, born in 1948 it is 54 years that I am working on pottery in Lalejin and despite my old age I am still working in the factories.


Mohammad Eslam Panah

My name is Mohammad Eslam Panah. Born in 1944, I am a specialist in painting and drawing on glazed potteries. From my early age I loved painting, calligraphy and miniature paintings on potteries as well as sculpture. Born in a crowded and poor family my father couldn’t afford the expense of my learning pottery from the great masters so I had to learn the art from the ordinary potters and then mostly by myself. I started to work when I was 16 and I left school at the first grade of high school then after ten years I started to study again and managed to get my diploma in math. I am working because of the strong passion that I have for this art. Now after 53 years of engraving my only thing that I am proud of is that I have learnt the art from no one and I owe to nobody. It is 50 year now that I have been teaching pottery and until now I have trained around 73 people who are all masters in pottery some of whom are even better than me.