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Crafts worth $ 4.5 million were exported from Hamadan

Crafts worth $ 4.5 million were exported from Hamadan


Hamadan Deputy of crafts announced:

Crafts worth $ 4.5 million were exported from Hamadan

Hamadan – the deputy of crafts in Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism office of Hamadan Alireza Ghasemi said that the amount of exported crafts from Hamadan worth $ 4.5 million in the last eight month.

According to Mehr news on Tuesday morning Alireza Ghasemi accounted pottery as the most profitable craft of the province. He said:” Hamadan has long been the heartland of crafts and its works are unique in the country also all around the globe nurturing artists in different fields.

According to Mehr news agency, " Hamadan has long had a variety of crafts that are unique in the country and some even in the world, and has always nurtured artists in various fields.

Referring to the growth in number of craftsmen, he added: “Allocating  facilities and holding promotional campaigns is a step in increasing the number of household jobs in the field of hand - made industries”.

He said: “from this value, pottery has the share of $3 million building 77 percent of the whole province. Indicating that the products were mostly exported to Iraq, Azerbaijan, Turkey and Netherlands, Alireza Ghasemi added: “ Beside pottery which is mainly made in Laljin woodworks, handmade carpets, wicker weaving, metal and plaster sculptures, kilim, and leather works are other exported crafts in the province”.  

“During the last eight months of this year, the export rate of crafts in the province has seen no change in comparison to last year”. Ghasemi noted.

Deputy of crafts in Hamadan cultural heritage, handicrafts, and tourism organization stated: “ one way of  recognition and expansion of  Hamadan′s handicrafts is marketing and introducing its capabilities through holding different seasonal and temporary crafts fairs in Hamadan and other provinces or even other countries which can  pave the ground for more development of crafts”.