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About Tuyserkan

About Tuyserkan

A mountain town in Hamadan, Tuyserkan is located to the west of Iran. Accompanying its deep history the cultural and social features of this land has grown simultaneously. Customs and traditions, craft, and local culture of this land play a significant role in the country.

This town is most famous for its good quality walnuts grown on walnut trees all around the town. Other agricultural products such as almond, sumac, golden plum, mulberry, sour cherry, saffron, and garlic are also grown in this town.

‍Crafts have also played important role in the economy as well as the local culture of Tuyserkan. The town has long been resided by skillful artisans.

Woodcarving, wood mosaic, woodturning and sculpture, leather works, embroidery, carpet, kilim weaving, wicker weaving, stone carving, making traditional musical instruments, and on glaze painting on potteries are some of active handicrafts in Tuyserkan creating around 8000 jobs.


Tuyserkan is of the most important regions in producing wooden furniture in the country. Recognizing this town as "the Geographical Badge of Woodcarving" in 2017 relates to the town high potentials in woodcarving.

Oshtormel, Seyyed Shahab, Jijankooh, Dulaee, Einabad, Badamak, Sange Sefid, Babakamal, Miandeh, Serkan and Mobarakabad are the main centers of woodcarving in Tuyserkan. Golriz(kind of carving) is Tuysrekan unique features woodcarving originating from Iran pure traditional pictures. These ways of carving were first appeared in the village of Oshtormel.


Tuyserkan crafts are found almost everywhere in the town. The main centers however are in "the Crafts House" located in Dr. Eghtedari house in Zarhan quarter.

Mass production of woodworks like wooden furniture in Tuyserkan demands holding seasonal fairs to enhance the opportunity of experiencing direct contact between customers and producers, trading and negotiating reasonable prices. Main fairs are   mostly held in villages of Serkan, Oshtormel, Seyyed shahab boulevards of Serkan, Ibn e Sina, and Beheshti.