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About Malayer

About Malayer


Malayer is the second largest city in the province of Hamadan. The county has five cities: Malayer, Zangeneh, Azandarian, Samen, and Jowcar. The mountain range of Alburz meets this county from north and north east and joins the high mountains of Arak province. Lashgadar 2928m is the highest summit in the county and Yazdgerd mount having the remnants of the Sassanid fort to the south of the county is another famous mount in the county.  


The economy of Malayer is mainly associates with agriculture including grapes, barley, wheat, grains and fodder. Merchandising business is to some extend active in the county. Malayer main exports involve with carpet, woodcarving, dried fruit, grape syrup, honey, almond, walnut, and raisin. Raisin being the main agricultural product in the county packed in factories is exported to some European countries as well the Persian Gulf countries.        


Carpeting: Carpenting in Malayer has a long history. Most of the carpets come in 2 meters size and rarely come in bigger size. In Malayer and some other neighboring villages women weave carpets in their home factories. The maps found in Malayer are not commonly found anywhere else. Farsi weaving and Turkish weaving are two common methods of carpet weaving in Malayer. The woven carpets in Malayer include: Jozan twist, five stars, Jozan valley vase, Manizan, grape patterns, Haj Khanoomi(Mr. Lady), bush, paisley veil, and fish bush. 


The art of wood carving appears in wooden works of furniture, bed and dining services in Malayer. Thanks to history of the city in woodcarving, number of woodcarvers, diversity of works, and receiving different national badges the city was recognized as "the National City of Woodcarving" in 2017 and to its honor a brilliant celebration is hold there ever since.

Wicker weaving

Wicker weaving is a type of withy weaving using wicker twig grown around the vineyards in the province. The twigs are sent to other cities that are making these wicker works. Weaving fruit and flower baskets as well as innovative furniture weaving are some of the products of this craft.

Giveh weaving and Ajideh swing, traditional embroidery, traditional leather works and handmade leather bags, pottery and ceramics, and kilim are other types of crafts in Malayer.