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factors that put Lalejin in such a place

factors that put Lalejin in such a place


The most outstanding craft in Hamadan is pottery and ceramics of Lalejin. 20 kilometers away from Hamadan pottery is the main industry in that town. Potteries are exported to foreign countries and Lalejin pottery has international reputation. Lalejin pottery in wide ranges of shape and color has both functional and decorative uses.

What introduced Lalejin as the heartland of pottery not only in Iran but also all around the world are its deep history, the unique clay, and innovative techniques applied in making them. Being the heartland of ceramics and having more than 700 active old and modern factories Lalejin is producing various sorts of potteries. It can be referred that producing earthenware has started around three centuries ago and it has been accelerated in the last century.


Factors that have made Lalejin to be regarded as the heartland of pottery in Iran include its history of making pottery, extension of active factories, booming rate of export, and geographical situation of the town located on clay land.

Pottery in Lalejin has integrated with people´s lives in such a way that almost all people including children, teenagers, and adults in their daily activities such as playing, studying, and working spend their times there in pottery factories. Almost all people are busy with clay works in the town. Pottery making, glazing, painting on pottery, packaging, tools making, selling, and mediatoring are the related jobs in Lalejin.

The number of active factories was increased from 110 in 1955 to exceeding 700 in 2018. Thanks to provincial as well as official persuasions, Lalejin being the heartland of pottery in Iran, was also recognized as the World City of Pottery in 2015. Without doubt Hamadan pottery painted in Lalejin´s traditional colors such as turquoise, green, blue, honey, and russet are the best souvenir that one would ever take back home.


In last recent years a new way of painting called Mina or embossed painting was innovated in Lalejin. Today beside on glazed and under glazed painting potters are more willing to have embossed glaze painting on their works.

Babataher square in Hamadan and Lalejin are two main shopping centers for pottery. Every spring and summer tourists are seen off to their homelands by memorable souvenir they bring back to their home from Hamadan.