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The World City of Pottery

Lalejin the World City of Pottery

Lalejin the World City of Pottery

The magnificent landscapes from the hills of Hegmataneh, the palaces of Laodissa and the ancient hills of Gian Nahavand Tapeh Pisa in Hamedan to Peri hills of Maqlayer as well as many others are believed to be several thousand years old.  According to historical records, this art is still popular in this province and has made it the most important pole for producing pottery in Iran and the region. As of last date, there are 550 workshops in Hamedan, 30 workshops in Malayer, 17 workshops in Thiesserkan, 19 workshops in Razan, 1000 workshops in Laljin, 20 workshops in spring, 3 workshops in Dahmamenne, 3 workshops in Dahabardahang, 14 workshops in Nahavand and 56 workshops in Assad. Abad have been identified. A total of 2408 workshops and more than 6296 people working in these workshops are engaged in the production of pottery. The most important pottery production center in Hamedan province is Laljin. In addition to its reputation, Laljin pottery has a worldwide reputation, and Laljin is the capital of Iranian pottery. Aljin (Lahadjin) is one of the northern cities of Hamedan province, located in the Laljin district of Bahar. Based on the solar census of 1385, Lalejin has a population of 14,724 people and is considered the second city in the spring city. The pottery art of the generation has come to the people of the city of Laljin, and pottery is the art of the ancestors of this city, the pottery of this area is of high quality and authenticity, and the people of Laljin still use handcuffs to make pottery. The young Laliginites have continued to inherit the heritage of their fathers, where the Laljin crafts became global. Laligins make the pottery themselves. The city of Lalejin, with a population of 15,000, has 850 pottery workshops and 250 pottery stores, more than 20% of the province's exports to Hamadan province.