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Hamadan International Craft Fair

Hamadan is holding this year's craft fair internationally

Hamadan Holds 14th National Craft Fair and the First International Craft Fair Coinciding its Recognition as the Tourism Capital City of Asia 2018

 Hamadan Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts and Tourism Organization is holding its annual national craft fair this year. Cratfsmen from all around the country participated in the event last year. Due to the high capacities and the potential of the province being the heartland of a number of crafts such as Lalejin nominated as global city of pottery, Tuyserkan in woodcarving , Malayer the national city of wood carving, and Hamadan itself being the oldest  in leather works and considering the city being recognized as the tourism capital of Asia in 2018 Hamadan is holding this year's fair internationally.

WCC members and the artisans having certificate from the Council will showcase their product to the public. The event is organized to introduce the local crafts of the coming countries to the Iranians and give our local artists a way to showcase their arts and crafts.

 The craft fair is supposed to be held at Hamadan International Exhibition Hall at Ashura square, from Tuesday August 21st  to Saturday August 25th from 10:100 am to 10:00pm. Set up is at 11am and the building closes at 5pm.