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Revised Plan OfLalejin

The consideration meeting of the revised descriptive plan of Lalejin, with trend of tourism, was held in municipality of Lalejin

People and  Officials are Responsible toward the Global City of Lalejin

The consideration meeting of the revised suggested  descriptive plan of Lalejin, with trend of tourism, was held in municipality of Lalejin. General director of the Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts, and Tourism Organization of Hamadan, mayor, governor and the members of the city consuls participated in the meeting.

Emphasizing the role of people and the officials the general director of the Heritage Organization said: “enhancing people self confidence and empowering the spirit of enquiring the official are of the most prominent achievements of this event that demand greater works. We hope the officials, citizens, and the artists can use the best of this nomination and the coming international sittings of 2018”.

“We should consider programs to support tourism capacity of Lalejin and due to the importance of the city in tourism one of the suggested ceremonies by the Lalejinis should be held in the city. Considering Lalejin geographical location, its vicinity to Alisadr cave as well as its capacities, planning a suitable ceremony can be fruitful which deserve to be pasted on the city calendar”. Mr Malmir mentioned in the meeting.

He added: “unfortunately no appropriate plan has been regarded in the descriptive plan of the city. The consults of the city and we have given some supplementary suggestions. Explaining the works that have been done in this area the crafts deputy said: “Thanks to cooperative activities of some organizations gas piping to factories is underway”. Alireza Qasemi deputy of crafts said: “In order to encourage the artists owning factory and crafts men some financial helps are offered.”

Lalejin governor said: “The wider we look the better thought we could have. We should adapt the urban planning and strategies to our factories”. He added: “applying new techniques and using the best of our new capacities like the NGOs we should take the city beyond the borders and introduce it to the world”.

Complaining the problem of recycling potteries waste and leftovers in Lalejin he said: “we cannot talk about the features and the ideals of global city and at the same time disregard the waste of factories. Municipality and private sectors are responsible for twenty years of leaving the waste and it can be said that the current situation cannot be compensable.

Promising reopening Construction Engineering Organization in Lalejin he added: “the main problem in investment section is the lack of documented bill for the dedicated lands and despite holding several meetings the problem still remains. In the meeting Lalejin mayor said: “regarding Lalejinˊs prominent name the city does not deserve such descriptive plan, we hope in the revised plan more suburbs be considered there so that it would not be risky for the investors.

“Another problem of the plan is not having a site for interruptive occupations. So relying on the present plan starting a factory could be problematic for both the city and the people. Another member of the city consul mentioned that: “holding the city prestige as an international city demands a lot of responsibilities.” Hamid Mohebbi added.

Ali Akbar Radi said: “The municipality and the city consul have chosen a hardworking, ideal, and smart person as the mayor. We definitely have long way to take and we do ask the officials to accompany our people and the city consul. Referring to some fundamental problems in the city such as the urgent need of asphalt for the roads ending in Lalejin, widening the entrance bridge the city, expanding canal system as well as parks and sport centers, specific regard to the waste of industrial estate and the pottery factories, the presence of livestock in the city, considering the old road of Gonbadan on the map, expanding urban construction of the city, completing pottery museum, opening new factories and offering bank loans and cheap accommodations he asked the officials to pay special attention. 

Morteza Sabouri another member of the city consul appreciated the works done by the Heritage Organization for its support to the city nomination and said: “ In Lalejin we should intensify cooperative and intentional participation of the people so that our endeavor wonˊt be in vain”.